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Halloween Party Idea's

#1Ghost Hunt Charades

Print out some small ghost images, On the back write some Halloween words or phrases. (Such as...Ghost, Witch, Bat, Trick or Treat, Pumpkin) Before the party begins hide the ghosts around the room. Have the children find the ghosts for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes they come and sit in a circle on the floor and then in turn they act out the word on the back of the Ghost (Charades) The first child that guesses the word or phrase wins a small prize. (Small Halloween magnets, glow bracelets, Treat, etc...) Then the child that won the prize takes his/her turn acting out the next word/phrase until all are done. If you need a ghost image to print, you may use the image below. (click on image then print)

#2 Pass the Eyeball

Use a small toy halloween eyeball. Play the music as the people (sitting in the circle) pass around the toy eyeball. Whenever you stop the music, the person holding the eyeball has to leave the circle. The last person in the circle wins. (You can use other objects besides an eyeball :o)


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